Permanent Makeup


Eyebrows are lovely if you have them, but for many it can be depressing because they lack density, thickness or shape. If you have time to apply make up on, great, if you don't know the first thing about make up then it's troublesome. 

Permanent make up has since become a sought after treatment. It not only brings out and accentuate shape to a persons facial features, it saves you time as well as giving you confidence.


Have you ever had a tattoo? Then consider the process to be similar to having a tattoo but less painful as topical anaesthetic is used to numb the area before the procedure begins. The colour is embedded under the skin with a nano needle which gives the colour retention. With the advancement of technology comes more choices of brows. Techniques vary from Ombre, Powder, Hybrid to Full brows. 


The difference between Microblading and Permanent Make Up is that Microblading is manually etching colour onto your skin rather than embedding it with a machine. With this, the colour does not embed as deep, meaning the retention of colour is less than machine work. However, by etching the colour manually, you can give curvature to the lines you draw giving it a more natural look, hence the popularity. Even though colour retention is not as long as machine work, it does offer the instant natural look that people are looking for instead of harsh bold brows.

In some instances, Microblading may not be sufficient enough to offer the set of brows its fullest potential. In cases like this, an alternative of Hybrid techniques may be applied. This is when we combine manual and machine work to get the best result. 


How long does Permanent Makeup last?

The treatment is permanent and will not wash off. However, it will soften over time and may need a touch up. This ranges from 18 months to 5 years depending on the treatment and the colour chosen for the treatment. Your Technician will be able to give you a better idea during the consultation.

How long does Microblading last?

In comparison to machine work Microblading has lesser retention. When dealing with blondes, the retention can vary between 6 months to a year. Brunettes use a darker pigment, so the retention would last a lot longer. This is to do with the shade of pigment that is chosen for the proceedure. The lesser the blue pigment on the chosen shade, then less the retention on the skin. With oily or porous skinned clients, Microblading is not advisable and the better option would be to go for Powder or Ombre brows. 

What colours are available?

Colour availability depends on your skin tone. Your technician will choose a colour that is suitable for your skin tone and hair colour.

Does the procedure hurt?

Comfort levels vary from person to person. We use a highly-effective, topical anaesthetic cream and gel during the procedure to stay ahead of the pain as much as possible. Topical anaesthetic tends to work a lot better once the skin is broken. A lot will say they don’t feel anything during the procedure and the discomfort only occurs at the beginning.  This will be advised by your technician during your consultation.

How safe is it?

The procedure is done under strict sanitation and sterilization rules. Our Technician is fully certified, insured and licensed under strict regulations. Needles are sterilized and disposed after each client and all pigments contain FDA approved ingredients for cosmetic use. We are licensed and inspected regularly by our Local Authority to ensure our work standards are always strictly regulated.

Allergies and Medical History

We require a skin test prior to treatment at least a minimum of 24 hours. This is to make sure you are not allergic to any of our products. If you have any known allergies, please inform your Technician. If you take any form of medication, please make sure your Technician is aware of them as certain medication may affect the outcome of the procedure. Any medical history needs to be declared to the Technician. In some instances a Doctor's approval may be required.