Just Be

33 Passey Place, Eltham, London SE9 5DA

Tel: 020 8859 1470



Just Be is a unisex hair salon offering hair treatments to all gender. Whether you are looking for a simple trim or a complete change, we can help. Our Hair treatments include

Cut & Finish - from £30.00

Blow Dry - from £18.00 

Hair Up - from £30.00

Highlights - from £28.00

Tints - from £30.00 

Further quotations can be requested via phone. Please call our salon if you require other hair treatments.

Acrylic - from £20.00

Gel Polish - from £20.00

SNS Dipping Acylic - from £27.00

Pedicure - from £22.00

Manicure - from £12.00

Ombre Nails - £32.00

Coloured Acrylic -  from £27.00

Designs and Nail Art - from £3.00

Due to Covid-19 an additional cost for personal hygiene packs will be added. The personal packs are for hygiene purposes. For tools that can't be sterilized, we reduce the risk of transmission with clients having personal hygiene packs.

If you require quotations for any other nail treatments, please contact Just Be 


Eyelashes have become so popular in the last 5 years that now the aspect of choosing which type can be confusing to those who have never had lash treatments done. With so many choices listed are some of our lash treatments available at Just Be.

Party Lashes - from £20.00

Express Lashes - from £42.00

Single Classics - from £77.00

Russian/Hybrid Lashes - from  £92.00

Allergy testing is now required before going ahead with treatment. Please contact us for further information.


Whether you are looking to define your eyebrows or enhance your eyeliner Just Be is available to help you.


Permanent Make Up has come a long way with various styles and techniques. Whether it is machine work or manually applying colour on to your skin, Just Be looks at you as an individual and will make a decision about which treatment is suitable to your eyebrow shape and skin during consultation.


You will be given written information and after care instructions and treatments do not begin until you are satisfied with your brow shape.


Please note that skin testing will be required as well as discussion of any medical history. You may be required to acquire Doctor's consent before going ahead with any treatment.


We offer body hair removal for men as well as women. Facial hair removal is also available either via waxing or threading. Please call the salon for further information regarding hair removal.


Brow and Lash tinting has become very popular offering enhancement of your features without permanent change. The tint lasts between 4 to 6 weeks. Whether you are looking to save time applying colour on your brows or just too lazy to apply mascara, tinting offers a great alternative without having to opt for Permanent Make Up or Eyelash Extensions. Please be aware that allergy testing is a requirement before going ahead with any tinting services.

Please note that skin testing will be required.


For the ladies who prefer to not have lash extensions, Lash Lifting is a great alternative. Lash Lifting gives you the curl you need and can last between 6 to 8 weeks. With the upgrade of new lash shields the shields give a more natural lift unlike the previous use of perm rods. When you combine a lash lift with a tint, the results are beautiful.

Brow Lamination on the other had uses the same procedure only applied on brows. It allows you to have fuller looking brows by chemically setting your brows to a fuller looking shape. When combined with a tint and a reshape, results are unrecognisable.

Please note that skin testing will be required.



We will soon be offering needle free fillers in our salon for lip area, smile line and upper lip. Follow us on Facebook and keep updated.


Great for ladies with sparse lashes. Where Russian Lashes is too much and Single Classics is not enough, Hybrid Lashes is an option for something that is in between.