Covid Restrictions



We recommend our clients to wear masks during treatments as we have many senior clients that are vulnerable in the salon even though it is no longer a requirement by law.

Hand wash/sanitise stations are available in the salon.

We have limited waiting area. In a plus 1 situation, please attend on our quieter days which is Wednesday and Thursday. 

Nails or Pedicure Packs will be sold to each client. We will be reducing the use of sharing instruments. Each client will have their own files, buffers, separators etc. Clients will be expected to bring the instruments with them for the following visits.

If you are feeling unwell or you are sharing a house with a member of family with Covid-19 please rearrange your appointment to when you are no longer at risk of spreading to other clients.

Senior citizens and high risk clients are advised to attend the salon preferably Mondays and Tuesdays. Low risk clients are advised to attend Wednesdays to Sunday.

We have not raised our salon prices because we believe it would be unfair to do so. Instead, we will only charge for the additional PPE or instruments that will be supplied to you when you are having your treatment. 


Treatment areas to be cleaned and sanitised regularly.

PPE are to be worn by all working members of staff while in close proximity to each client.

All equipment and utensils are sterilized after each use.

Make sure every client is wearing a facemask/covering during treatment except those with breathing difficulty or handicapped or disabled.

Towels to be washed 90 degree heat in order to kill any contamination on towels.

We will be taking a stricter approach taking information from clients for the purpose of contact tracing.

Table shields and spacing between clients have been installed in the salon as a further preventative measurement.