Manicures & Pedicures

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SNS Now available in our salon. Please call for further details!


Permanent Makeup/Microblading!


STUDENT OFFERS is now available at Just Be. Just show your NUS/Student Card to received our discounted rates.


SENIOR CITIZENS Hair prices apply Monday - Wednesdays.


If extensions are not your thing then Manicures or Shellac Soak-off Gel Polishes are a better alternative.


Regular removal of over grown cuticles lessen the restrictions on your nail bed enabling your nails to grow quicker than before. Having a polish will also give it an overcoat to give strength to your nails. Our Manicures offer nail shaping, cuticle removal, mini-hand massage and a polish to finish off.


We work on all feet, whether men or women. Sometimes we forget how important our feet really are. We stand on them, walk with them, run with them and most importantly for ladies, you love wearing heels with them.

It’s not just about polishing to make them look nicer, we are here to offer care so your feet feels better too. Cracked heels can cause a lot of pain and extra hard skin growing on other areas causes a lot of discomfort. Hard skin removal relieves pain and discomfort. If you are embarrassed because you don’t want anyone to touch them, rest assured, we have seen many types of feet and the majority of the time, it isn’t as bad as you think. Visit our salon and let us give you the care you need for your feet.

Basic Pedicures

Offers nail shaping, cuticle removal, hard skin removal, exfoliation, massage and a polish.

Hot Mitts Intensive Moisturiser

We offer an extra added service for clients who are looking for that extra treatment on their hands or feet. Hot Mitts treatment is when an intensive moisturiser is applied onto your hands or feet. Then it is put into thermal mitts where it will give your skin the extra intensive moisture it deserves! Your hands and feet will feel so soft that you would definitely want to come back and have the treatment done again.

Cracked Heels

If you suffer from cracked heels, we would recommend a Basic Pedicure first to remove hard skin formulating around your heels. We would then recommend a medicated heel balm which will prevent further cracked heels and soften the skin around your feet.


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