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Sometimes, all we want is that something extra adding emphasis around our eyes, and mascara just doesn’t do it! No matter how much mascara you use, or how many types of brands you try, it doesn’t give you the length or thickness that you desire! Just Be Home of Nails, Hair & Beauty offers various types of eyelashes. Different lashes, for different wear!

Strip Lashes

If what you’re looking for is something for the night, then Strip Lashes are definitely just the thing for you! Strip lashes come in various length, thickness and shape. You get a choice out of which ones you feel you would be comfortable wearing. You might only want something subtle to go out for a meal or something glamorous and lusciously thick for a party. Whichever it is you fancy having, JustBe… offers to affix on strip lashes that will last for the rest of the evening. The great thing about them is you can remove them yourself with just warm water!

Party Lashes

If you’re looking for something that will last more than just a day, then Party Lashes are a better alternative. These Lashes can last up to 3 weeks. Another bonus is you won’t need to wear any mascara with them. You can swim with them and shower with them too! So if you want something to emphasise your eyes when you’re going on your 2 week holiday and want to swim without getting panda looking eyes? This is definitely something for you to think about.

3D Single Lashes

If you want something which looks more natural, then Single 3D Lashes maybe something to consider. Maybe all you want is length rather than thickness. Something subtle but still noticeable! Single 3D Lashes are refillable and can last anything up to 10-12 weeks with regular maintenance. We recommend Eyelash tinting before having 3D Lashes done if you have fair coloured lashes. Treatment can take anything up to 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes long depending on your lashes.

Express Lashes

Single lashes can be quite time consuming. If time is not on your side, maybe Express Lashes is a better alternative. Express lashes are singular lashes which is placed onto your lashes in a quicker process. Although it offers less lashes than 3D Single lashes, it does still offer you the subtle length you may require at a more affordable price.


Some loss of lashes is expected if you wear lashes long term. We offer tonics to help generate new lash growth which is visible after 3 weeks. We also supply Coating Sealants which is an additional purchase. The Sealant helps maintain your lashes helping to make them last that little bit longer!

If you have any further enquiries, call Just Be… and we will be happy to answer them.


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